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17 Ways You Can Make Money Online Right Now

Do you want to make money without leaving your house? You might be interested in figuring out ways to make money online to fund your travels.
In summary, the lesson here is that you may be working from home now, but it might eventually lead to living and working abroad and living the dream. 

Be as productive as you possibly can. Here is a time on how to get there. Make yourself as productive as possible. Take the initiative so you have some leverage when discussing working from home with your boss. I assume, of course, that you like working at home. However, not everybody does. Yet if you feel the freedom those of us who work remotely feel, then this is an excellent time to show your bosses what you can do.

So, if you’d like to work remotely someday, live abroad someday, or want to rework your career to be able to work remotely forever, then keep reading. Here are our 17 online jobs you can start today.

Create a Money-Making Blog

Are you an expert in something? Write a blog and share your knowledge. Considering you are an expert in travel, consider what you have to offer: Do you specialize in luxury travel or budget travel? How about tips on activities such as hiking and shopping? Your site will gain more visitors and make you more money the more specific you are. Check out our guide on how to make a money-making blog fast and for the low cost of $2.95/month.

Sell Your Photos

Are you talented with a camera or live in an area where images are in demand? Stock photography websites are enormous repositories of photographs covering just about every subject imaginable. How do the websites work? There are a number of huge databases where photographers can upload their images for sale to magazine editors, designers, and organizations. Stock websites are great because images can be resold indefinitely, which means you can keep making money without having to do anything. Shutterstock is a great photography website.

Make money from your interests by starting a podcast

It isn’t difficult to start a podcast. All you need is a microphone, laptop, and some free recording software. A podcast does not have to run every day (once a week is best) and is best when it is short. Podcasts can be monetized in many different ways. Commercial sponsorship is one of the most obvious uses, but you can also make use of it to advertise your own products or services.

Become a Copywriter

Whether you live in Latin America, Europe, the UK, or even on a Greek island, would you like to earn a substantial income no matter where you live? If so, copywriting may be the right career path for you. The mega-industry offers a wide range of opportunities for copywriters. In addition to getting paid in U.S. dollars…you can live anywhere in the world with the freelance copywriter’s lifestyle. 

Online Instructor

Teach motivated learners. Work with kids who have chosen to be in your class. Make your own schedule. Design a curriculum you love and teach the way you want. Earn money flexibly. Teach online from wherever and set your own prices. All this is possible at Outschool. Where you make money and enjoy teaching

Become a Translator and Interpreter

Are you able to speak another language? In any expat community where English isn’t the first language, interpreting and translation services are needed. Translating and interpreting can also be done online. Welocalize, which came in at the top of this list of the top 20 companies for remote jobs in 2020, is one of the best resources for translators and interpreters.

Create How-To Videos

Over the past few years, YouTube has become the go-to source for video courses and guides. By charging a subscription fee or password-protecting videos, instructors can monetize their content. Here’s a tip: Get to know what people search for. In YouTube’s search box, type “how to [your topic]” and observe what is generated in the auto-fill dropdown. Your video title, description, and tags should all contain the same keywords.

Type for Cash

How fast are you at typing? You can easily transcribe by listening to an audio file and typing it out through headphones. Transcribers are paid according to the speed at which they type. Rather than being paid by the hour, transcription jobs are paid by the audio hour (the length of the audio file). An audio transcript takes longer to type depending on the sound quality, background noise, accent, and speed of the speaker. With an average typing speed of between 75 and 100 words per minute, a transcriber can complete an audio hour in four hours. A transcriber can be hired by companies like Rev.com, which hires freelancers.

Internet Research and Surveys

Spending your spare time on the Internet or filling out online surveys is another way to earn good money. Internet research can be a great way to earn an extra $1,000 or $2,000 a month part-time. OpinionInn Panel surveys provide you with the opportunity to earn cash and share your opinions about brands. There are Survey Junkie and PanelPlace

Consider Drop-shipping

Is drop-shipping something you’ve heard of? There is no physical inventory held by the seller in this method of retail. Rather, you buy the item from a third party and have it shipped directly to the customer when the customer places an order. You’ll never have to spend a dime on storing or maintaining your inventory. Also, you won’t be forced to buy items in bulk in hopes of recouping your investment. You can do this through online platforms like eBay and Amazon. Shopify has a helpful article on drop-shipping.

Create an online course

Write more than just an e-book and create an entire online course that contains tutorials, videos, and PDF downloads. It’s a great way to generate passive income since people will pay for the information and can go through it at their own pace. They can also post questions about the information in a dedicated group. The following is a resource for creating and selling online courses: Teachable, which enables anyone with knowledge and experience to profit from it by creating an online course. 


Owning your own tutoring business can be a lucrative business that allows you to maintain a flexible schedule. A tutoring business can be started almost anywhere in the world. Give customers discounts if they spread the word about your business. When you’re just starting out, word-of-mouth is still one of the most valuable marketing tools available. Online tutoring jobs can be found at sites such as Tutors.com, and you can also become a tutor at Tutorme.com.

Become a Life Coach (or Even a Travel Coach)

Coaches help their clients achieve their personal and professional goals through creative and thought-provoking processes. The goal of life coaching is to overcome fears, gain self-confidence, build goals, and establish success-oriented habits. Many certification programs offer a fully functional website once training is completed. There are thousands of online training programs that teach you how to be a life coach. It is possible to become a travel coach if travel is your area of expertise.

Set up a Content and Web Development Business

Have you ever developed a website or a piece of content? Developing beautiful websites is easy with online tools that make it simple for anyone. Tools like WordPress, Weebly, and Joomla make it simple.

Become a Freelance Proofreader

The proofreading profession can be extremely lucrative. A proofreader typically receives around 25% of the cost of a translated document. The cost for translating a five-page standard business document is approximately $75. In other words, proofreading the same document takes about an hour and costs about $18 to $20. Whether full-time, part-time, or around-the-clock, there are no restrictions on your working hours. The Mediabistro website offers tips about becoming a proofreader for media professionals.

Narrate audiobooks

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular. Smartphones have contributed to a boom in this industry. Thus, freelance narrators are in high demand.

Make money with e-books

Writing books can make you money. If you want to create your own, you can find instructions on how to do so on the Kindle website. If you have a print book already, you may want to consider licensing it for publication online. A one-time payment for publishing rights online or a commission of 8-15% of net sales are possible options for the author.

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