35 Ways to Make Extra Cash This Month

35 Ways to Make Extra Cash This Month

Need extra money this month? Maybe for vacation, bills, or groceries, you find yourself in a tight spot.
Sometimes life throws a curveball at us when we least expect it. Maybe there is an emergency this month and you just do not have the extra money. Use some of these great ways to earn cash fast and stress-free, some you can even do from your home.

Try to stay away from those short-term loans and high-rate credit cards. Those only cause stress, make you pay double the amount you borrowed, and they will leave you in bigger financial debt.

Listed below are 35 ways to earn some cash fast, remember not all of these are for everyone. Find one or two that work for you. If you can do more than two, well more power to you, just do not let it overwhelm you.

1. Donate Plasma

Now this one might not be the one for everyone. A lot of people are squeamish with blood and needles. Even though it is a plasma donation you will see blood. So if you cannot deal with regular needles this is not for you. These needles are 17 gauge and are no joke. For those of you that are fine with blood and needles, well here is a great way to earn almost $300 a month extra. To find a local plasma near you just go to donatingplasma.org.

2. Earn Money Online

If you want to make money without leaving your home here are a few places to check out. They all pay you for taking surveys, playing games, watching short videos, or reviewing products. Either way, it is a great way to earn extra cash without leaving the safety of your home. No need to go outside in bad weather or drag the kids to babysitters. Check out these websites to get started today. Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and MySurvey. Also if you shop online or do grocery shopping check out Ebates and Ibotta.

3. Yard Sale

Making a garage sale or yard sale whichever you prefer is a great way to make a few hundred bucks extra. Simply clean out the house and garage of the stuff you do not use, but make sure they are working and in good condition. This way you will get more money for your stuff. Ask family and friends if they have stuff that they do not want or might be throwing out. If the weather is acting up, simply sell on Facebook online garage sales or Craigslist.

4. Sell Your Clothes

If you have old and gently used clothes sell them online garage sales or your local Plato’s Closet. They will give you cash for your name-brand clothes. You can walk out with money in your hands for as little as 1 hour. You can also sell kid’s clothes at Kid 2 Kid as well as Once Upon A Child. They take clothes, shoes, toys, carriers, and so much more. Check your local stores to see if they will trade clothes and items for cash.

5. Collect All Your Change

Check your pockets, car, couch, purses, and wallets, and collect all your change. You will be surprised how much change you have lying around. Once I collected almost $70 dollars worth of change just from cleaning out all my old purses and wallets. Also, check the pockets of your jackets and coats, God only knows how many times I left dollar bills in there and forgot about them. You can take your change to the bank you bank at, they will give you bills for the change without charging you fees for it.

6. Sit For A Job

A great way to make extra money can try babysitting, house sitting, or dog sitting. Check out Craigslist, Facebook, and your local listing for sitting jobs. All parents love to be able to get away one night a week. They will feel better with an adult watching their kids or dogs. Maybe the elderly need their pets walked or grandchildren to watch. Either way, this can be a simple and fast way to make extra cash.

7. Seasonal Work

Want to be able to do work all year long and not have to drive all over the place. A great way to do this is to offer your services to your neighbors. You have to be clear about what you can do, the cost of those jobs, and what times you can carry out them. This can be anything from, pulling weeds, making garden beds, raking leaves, clearing snow on driveways, or putting up decorations. Get the word out with a neighborhood newsletter or flyers for each door.

8. Sell Your Electronics

If you have an old cellphone or ipads that you are not using, but they still work sell them on Gazelle. There is no point in holding onto old electronics when you will not use them, might as well get some of your money back. This is a simple and fast way as well to get extra cash this month.

9. Rent Your Space

Have an extra bedroom in your home. Why not rent it out for extra cash that month. Sometimes people just need to stay a week or a few days, it is not always a month or more. You can find people who need rooms to rent on Airbnb or HomeAway. This would be a great idea especially if there is a huge event in your town, or you live close to a pending festival. Many people even sell their driveway space.

10. Advertise

Local companies will pay you money just for having their sign on your car. It is an easy way to make money without having to do anything. Just simply place the sign on the car and you are all set. Check out Free Car Media to see if there are local companies in your area that need advertising help.

11. Make Items To Sell

If you have a hobby making jewelry, clothes, or DIY crafts, and are good at it. Etsy business is a great platform to sell your handmade items. People make a great income selling things from their homes. If you are not much into crafts and making jewelry, then try Redbubble. This is a platform where you can sell your graphic designs, photography, and more. Your design can end up on shirts, mugs, stickers, and so many more.

12. Go Green

You can save the earth and make money at the same time as recycling. Many places will have programs to give you money for your plastics, glass, copper, and aluminum. Grab all your wiring and soda cans and get money for recycling. Another thing is also electronics. If it is trash you can get money for that as well when recycled.

13. Pawn It

If you have silverware, antiques, televisions, musical instruments, jewelry, and other items you can pawn them. The idea of a pawn shop is to walk out with cash in your hands. I would definitely make sure you research how much your item is worth before going in. You will not get the exact amount it is worth, but I believe it should be in the ballpark.

14. Be A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a huge market now. There are companies out there that want your advice on their products, or for you to just visit their stores. They pay you for your reviews, also the experience you had with the product or store. Another way is OpinionInn. You get paid to give businesses your opinion. This is one of our favorite companies to work with.

15. Photography

This is a great way to make money if you are a photographer and have a good camera. You can see if anyone around you needs their family portraits taken. Another way is to sell your photos online. There is a website called FOAP, that lets you sell your stock photos. You get paid each time someone buys your pictures. A great source of income for bloggers who do not use all their pictures.

 16. Start a Blog

This is a great way to earn extra income while you write about the things you enjoy. Did you know that some of the top bloggers started blogging as a hobby and now are making 6 figures a month? But starting your own blog can be easy and as low as $3.95 a month. I love blogging, I help people and have my space to just call my own. 

Check out our step-by-step money-making guide to creating your own blog in less than 15-minutes.

17. Train Animals

If you are really good with animals, this may be a great side job. You can teach animals simple behaviors such as sit, stop, roll, or teach them to potty. Either way, you can make money while spending time with cute animals.

18. Become a DoorDash Driver

If you have a car this could be a great way to make money on the side. Whenever you have free time pick up a shift or job really fast. It pays good for a side job and it is fun to drive around town. Start making money ASAP with DoorDash.

19. Become a Tutor

There is always a big need for tutors. You can teach anything from music lessons to homework help, as well as teaching another language. Being a tutor can pay anywhere from $14-$25 an hour. That is an amazing rate. VIPKID is always in a need of tutors.

20. Paint Homes

This can be great for those who a great at painting. Many people hate to paint but always need a new look. I for one hate to paint and would pay for a painter. I have heard many painters make anywhere from $20-$25 an hour.

21. Take Extra Hours Over The Holidays

Many companies will pay time and a half for working the holiday hours. I believe this is worth it to get some extra cash.  If your company is not hiring for extra hours over the holiday’s other places are, such as FedEx and UPS, and Wal-Mart.

22. Deliver Food/Groceries

Some stores now have their own shoppers that shop for people’s orders and deliver it to them. This can be a good side hustle, you pick what time and what orders you want to do. I heard people make about $30 per order. The more you do the more you can make.

23. Create Resumes

I feel like this could be a very profitable side job. Everyone needs help with a résumé. You could charge $10-$20 per resume. It might not seem a lot but it will add real fast. Plus, if you are good at resumes you could have it done in 30 minutes.

24. Virtual Assistant

If you have any experience as an administrative assistant this will be an easy job. Most companies do not ask for experience, for a virtual assistant. This can become a full-time job if you find a good-paying position. Also, you can work from home or anywhere else you have an internet connection.

25. Create Websites

If you are tech-savvy this can be a really good job for you. Help others create their website to fix any issues they may have. Most developers and web designers charge their own hourly rates. I have seen many at $25-$50 an hour. It all depends on how much experience you have and what time the job is.

26. Sell Food

If you are a great cook and always make more than you can eat, you can sell it. If you are also good at canning you can sell it to farmers’ markets.

27. Ask For a Raise

Maybe you are due for a raise or even a promotion. go for it and ask for things you believe you deserve. Let your hard work be paid for now. There is nothing wrong with asking for a raise. Just be professional about it and understating. Have all your facts down about why feel like you should get a raise or a certain promotion.

28. Rent Textbooks

As you finish your semester at school you can rent out your textbooks or even sell them. If you do not want to sell your book or wait till the semester is over, then rent your textbooks on the day you are not using them.

29. Be an Extra In a Show/Movie

There is always filming happening all over the world. You can always find out if there is a need for any extras around your hometown. Get paid for just being in the film.

30. Do Medical Research Studies

Some medical studies can earn you a few thousand dollars. They do not require much work on your part. Most last a few days only. They can be worth it if you do not get blood work, as some will ask of that.

31. Use Ibotta

Did you know that when you use Ibotta you can get some serious money back? Not only that they have great bonuses and extra ways to double your money back. Why not get paid for already buying the things you have to. It is free to sign up with Ibotta, all you do is follow the link on their site to the store you want to shop at. You can also use discounts and coupons for extra savings. Sign up for Ibotta here.

32. Test Websites

You get paid to review each website you visit. This can only take a few minutes and you can earn $10-$15 per website review. Most reviews only take 15 minutes or less. Companies just want to see what you think of their sites and how they can improve.

33. Manage Social Media Accounts

Manage other people’s social media accounts for them. Some people may have a very big following and may need extra help to respond to others or to post their posts for them. If you have amazing social media skills then this job can be for you. You can even turn it into a full-time income job.

34. Edit Articles

No matter how good someone may be at editing something can always slip through the crack, that is why blogs and other websites need editors. This is another way to make money on the side and do it from anywhere you have access to the internet.

35. Lifeguard

You can be a part-time lifeguard for extra income. This one you can do all year round. If not on the beaches there are pools and indoor pools that need lifeguards as well. You can make $150 weekly. Someplace pay even more.

36. Create Your Own Online Store

Shopify has an amazing platform for growing your own online store. It is a quick and great way to make extra income but to also make a brand and a name for yourself. I love Shopify, it has everything Amazon and Etsy provide plus more all in one place. You can get started with as low as $29 a month with my great deal. Start Shopify account here.

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35 Ways to Make Extra Cash This Month

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