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75 Blog Topics That Will Make you Money

There are so many blog topics out on the internet, but not all of them will make you money.

You can start a blog just about anything, but that does not always mean it will be successful. Sometimes some blogs are just not that fun.

That’s why I created this list of topics that actually make money for any type of blog.

These blog topics are proven to make money, get thousands of views and shares, also they are fun to write about.

  1. Men’s Lifestyle Blog
  2. Home Decor Blog
  3. Use and Review Latest Mobile Applications
  4. Recipes for Young Professionals
  5. Digital Photography School and Learning
  6. Pay off Your Debt and Track the Progress
  7. Fashion and Accessories Blog
  8. Blog About How to Become Instagram Famous (become so in the process)
  9. Veganism for Complete Newbies
  10. Gaming Blog With Reviews and Game Tips
  11. Review the Latest Health and Fitness Tools/Products
  12. Become a Wine Tasting Expert (yes please)
  13. Travel the World on a budget
  14. A Mom Blog With A Kick
  15. Artistic Blog for Art Professionals
  16. Review the Latest Products and Gadgets for Parenting
  17. Music Trends and Playlist for the Party Environment
  18. Pay Off Your Debt and Track Your Progress
  19. Pet Blog (great for those who love and know a lot about animals)
  20. Learn a New Language in 3 Months
  21. Study Hacks for Being a Successful Student
  22. Fitness Blog Get Healthy and Fit
  23. Feminism and Fashion (these make a lot of money)
  24. How to Get The Perfect Skin Beauty Tips
  25. How to Become A Better Blogger
  26. Mechanic Blog How to Fix Car Issues and Improve Car Life
  27. Do the “Coolest” Places in the World Live Up to The Hype?
  28. Politics Blog (or a humor blog about politics)
  29. How to Get the Perfect Sleep Every Night
  30. How To Survive As A Stay-At-Home Mom
  31. Health and Fitness Advice for Busy People
  32. Life Without a Cellphone
  33. Woman’s Guide to Self Defense
  34. How to Master Marketing
  35. Woman’s Guide to Getting the Perfect Man
  36. How to Follow A Religious Life
  37. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Helpline
  38. How to Homeschool Your Kids
  39. Try Different Religions for a Month
  40. Healthy Food Alternatives
  41. Technology Product Reviews (laptops, tablets, Apple, Samsung, gaming system, etc.)
  42. Common Legal Issues Solved
  43. Building an Organic Garden from Scratch
  44. How to Have More Charism
  45. Learn How To Build Furniture
  46. Learn How to Play Any Instrument
  47. Break Away from Social Media
  48. How to Get Out of a Police Ticket
  49. Review Fashion Trends and Apparel
  50. Black Lives Matter Awareness
  51. Skydiving and Base Jumping
  52. Finding your Passion
  53. Finding an Incredible Career that Fulfills You
  54. How to Preserve Food
  55. Best Places to Party in the World
  56. Best Beers Blog
  57. Become an Actual Food Critique
  58. Vegan Dessert Recipes
  59. Horoscope and Astronomy
  60. Craft Your Own Beer
  61. Become a Life Coach
  62. Raw Vegan Diet
  63. Blog About Your Favorite Sports
  64. Inspirational Blog (quotes, positive thoughts, and so on)
  65. Review and Rate Shows and Movies
  66. How to Get The Perfect Backyard
  67. How to Conquer Fears and Self Doubts
  68. Digital Nomad Spots and Workspaces Around The World
  69. Teach Sign Language
  70. Medical Conditions, Symptoms, and Treatments (please make sure you are a medical professional)
  71. How to sell art, antiques, or anything else
  72. Cover Health Events and Runs (Charity Runs, Color Run, Zombie Run, Etc)
  73. How to Make Your Own Clothes
  74. Random Must-Know Facts and Stats
  75. How to Operate WordPress, Bluehost, GoDaddy, or any of those platforms (maybe all of them :)) check out our favorite blog hosts

The list could go on forever and never be repeated. My best suggestion is to talk about the things you are passionate about.

Your ability to monetize is simply knowing what your audience wants and providing it to them.  That’s why choosing your passion is a critical part of blogging success.

If you are just getting started check out my step-by-step guide on creating a money-making blog.

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