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A Less Stressful 2022 with Small Routine Changes

Are you facing the same long list of to-dos this year? So are we. The mere thought of it makes us anxious. However, studies have shown that repeatable routines can soothe us. Therefore, we have gathered some easy ways to improve your everyday routine to make it more effective and less stressful. Cut to you staying calm, going on with life, having fun, etc. Take pride in yourself. 

1. Include a fun activity with a chore.

The term “temptation bundling” was coined by health incentives and behavioral economics expert Dr. Milkman and her colleagues in 2014. Basically, you pair something you dislike with something you enjoy. Several studies have shown that it can aid in achieving a goal or stopping procrastination. This is because you are rewarding yourself immediately. So it’s ideal for all those boring tasks you tend to put off till the last minute.  

Finding productive and beneficial activities that complement each other is the trick to avoiding tempting ones. The activities require different levels of concentration and effort. Consider folding laundry while watching TV, listening to a podcast while vacuuming, calling your friend while picking up your prescriptions, or reading as you walk on the treadmill…the possibilities are endless. 

2. Make your working day more enjoyable by pumping up the jams. 

You can create an atmosphere with the right playlist, but it does more than that. It can elevate your mood as well. In fact, research has shown that listening to songs you like releases feel-good chemicals in the brain. The study also found that listening to music lowers cortisol levels and increases blood flow. There is a possibility that it may be able to relieve pain and help you deal with situations that make you anxious. 

Slow music generally helps you relax your muscles and quiet your mind. Meanwhile, upbeat music can energize and motivate you. While you’re getting ready in the morning, exercising, or doing anything else that doesn’t require your full attention, crank up your favorite tunes.

3. Take advantage of meal kit subscriptions. 

Using HelloFresh. That way, you won’t have to search for the answer to “What are the best things to make with sliced bread and ketchup in 10 minutes?” ever again. With a little planning, and without spending hours shopping for ingredients, you’ll be eating delicious, home-cooked meals in no time. 

Throughout every HelloFresh box, there is clear, step-by-step instruction, as well as fresh, pre-portioned ingredients. They have meat lovers’ recipes, vegetarian recipes, recipes for finicky kids, and lots more. There are easy 20-minute meals that require low preparation and are quick to clean up. A selection of 50 meals is offered. every single. week. If you feel like taking a break, skip a week or cancel. 

They will include 16 free meals in your first box and you’ll receive three surprise gifts if you sign up now. Delicious.

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4. Take advantage of the (natural) light. 

Because when the sun shines brightly, you are able to shine far. Sunshine improves memory, increases serotonin (hint: it’s one of several “happy hormones”), and makes you sleep better at night. It is also easier to know the time when you can see the outside world, which may help keep the tension down. Stress-busting and mood-boosting effects follow from each of these outcomes. 

Whenever possible, go outside when it’s sunny. Alternatively, try arranging your workspace so that you can sit near a window. The effects of natural light can also be mirrored with a lamp or lightbox. Mirrors themselves can also bounce light to expand their reach. Now, let’s enjoy the sun. 

5. Organize your home for 10 minutes every night. 

Playthings. Textbooks. Clothes. The mail. It seems as if some things multiply on their own. When your home is cluttered, it can be nearly impossible to relax. We are distracted from what needs to be done, hard-pressed to find what we need when we need it and may feel guilty and embarrassed. Since our minds are accustomed to order, the mess can also trigger stress and a fight-or-flight reaction that makes us avoid cleaning it up.  

It’s important to tidy up each night to prevent clutter from piling up. Science has shown that breaking something large into smaller pieces boosts productivity as well. When you live with someone else, you should enlist their help. 

6. Set up recurring payments. 

We stay organized because of deadlines. However, they also weigh heavily on us. Money is also a constant thought in our minds. As a result, bills essentially live at Stress Street and Anxiety Avenue. Thank goodness for automatic payments. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of every due date when you let tech handle the heavy lifting for you.

Furthermore, it will ensure you’ll never have to pay a late fee, so you’ll save money. You may even receive a discount if you put your payments on autopilot with some lenders, banks, and service providers. To ensure your automated expenses are covered, make sure you link an account that always has enough funds. 

To keep control of your situation when things become overwhelming, you’ll want to take all the measures you can. Having an optimized routine – and sticking to it – can help. It can also help to relax and enjoy downtime whenever it is available. A final word of advice? Let this year be the year you stop feeling like you are on a hamster wheel. Relax. 

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