How to Get Rich at Any Age

How do I become rich, it is a normal thought for all of us. We all want to be at a place in our life where we feel secure with our wealth and finances. I mean who doesn’t want to be able to go to the store get whatever you want without worrying about if your card will get declined. I have seen so many people struggle with finances all their life because they did not know how to build their wealth. In this post, I will be showing you the steps for a better future to get rich at any age.

Many may think that becoming rich is impossible. Maybe it’s for those who already were born in a rich home. Well, I am here to prove you wrong. Anybody can be rich and wealthy at any age. And no, you do not need to win the lottery or become a star athlete, to become rich. Well hitting the lottery wouldn’t be so bad, right.

The meaning of being rich and wealthy means something different to every other person. For some, it could mean having a lot of money, while to others it could be just staying in the positive net worth.

Nothing is easy to get so if you want to be rich and wealthy you will need to start now, work hard, reach out of the norm, and get better financial habits. This could be learning how to budget or getting a side job.

No matter what your goal is when it comes to being “rich”, it is possible. It is attainable and you can do it. It won’t be easy, but what has ever come easy anyway?

Now is the time to start creating your wealth, better sooner than later. The sooner you start the more time you have to perfect it and get more in life.

Here is how to get rich, for anyone at any age

Some people think they have all the time in the world to get rich or to fix their financial issues. The truth is no you do not have all the time in the world. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. That is why you need to start today and fix your financial issues. Stop procrastinating and build your wealth now. The longer you wait the harder you will have to work.

The sooner you start the sooner you will stop wasting money carelessly. Remember the more you push it off for later the more likely you will never go through the plan and push it aside completely.

Stop wasting time and start taking control of your financial situation TODAY.

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Be better than the average person to beat the odds and get rich

If you want to improve your financial situation then you will have to step it up and be better than the average person. You will have to try new things and experiment. No one said you will get rich by just sitting around and thinking about it. Actions will get you where you want to be.

Learning how to be rich, whatever it may mean to you, strive to be better than the average person. Do you know why I say this? It is because the average person is the one that has stress and hardships due to financial issues, you want to be better. you want to improve your life for the better. Be better than the average person. Do not strive for good enough, strive for the best.

As of August 2017, this is what the American Census reported

  • 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck
  • The median saved for retirement is $60,000
  • Average credit card debt of $5,700 per family.
  • Average student loan $30,100 per borrower
  • Personal loan average is $10,000 per household

Do you want to be just an average person with all these loans and debts hanging over your head?

To be better than average, you’ll have to work hard, learn how to manage your money better, and perhaps take some risks, such as starting a business or applying for your dream job as well. It is okay to take risks.

Start With A SMART Goals

A goal is

Goals are what keep us going. They determine what we want and how we will get there. Without goals, we are just running around in circles.

Having goals will keep you focused on the target, keep you determined to finish, and show you the path to follow. Without goals how do you know where to go, or how to get there.

You should ALWAYS have a SMART goal when building your wealth.

A SMART goal is:

Specific- What exactly do you want to achieve? The more specific your description, the bigger the chance you’ll get exactly that. S.M.A.R.T. goal setting clarifies the difference between ‘I want to be a millionaire’ and ‘I want to make $30,000 a month for the next ten years by creating a new software product’.

Measurable- Measurable goals mean that you identify exactly what it is you will see, hear and feel when you reach your goal. It means breaking your goal down into measurable elements. You’ll need concrete evidence. Being happier is not evidence; not smoking anymore because you adhere to a healthy lifestyle where you eat vegetables twice a day and fat only once a week, is.

Measurable goals can go a long way in defining what exactly it is that you want, too. Defining the physical manifestations of your goal or objective makes it clearer, and easier to reach.

Attainable – Is your goal attainable? That means investigating whether the goal really is acceptable to you. You weigh the effort, time, and other costs your goal will take against the profits and the other obligations and priorities you have in life.

If you don’t have the time, money or talent to reach a certain goal you’ll certainly fail and be miserable. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take something that seems impossible and make it happen by planning smartly and going for it!

Relevant- Is reaching your goal relevant to you? Do you actually want to run a multinational, be famous, have three children, and a busy job? You decide for yourself whether you have the personality for it, or your team has the bandwidth.

If you’re lacking certain skills, you can plan training. If you lack certain resources, you can look for ways of getting them.

The main question is, why do you want to reach this goal? What is the objective behind the goal, and will this goal really achieve that?

You could think that having a bigger team will make it perform better, but will it really?

Timely- Time is money! Make a tentative plan for everything you do. Everybody knows that deadlines are what make most people switch to action. So install deadlines, for yourself and your team, and go after them. Keep the timeline realistic and flexible, that way you can keep morale high. Being too stringent on the timely aspect of your goal setting can have the perverse effect of making the learning path of achieving your goals and objectives into a hellish race against time – which is most likely not how you want to achieve anything.

SMART goal definition provided by

In order to achieve your financial goals and to become rich you will need to:

  • Write down your goals and desires
  • Create an outline of how you want to achieve that goal and by when
  • Keep track of your goals, if needed you can make changes
  • If your goals are big, try to break them down to smaller goals first
  • Keep motivating yourself no matter what obstacles you reach
  • Get the whole family involved and make it more interesting
  • Obtain your goal slowly within a reasonable time frame, slow and steady wins the race

Create a budget that is realistic

I get we all want to be rich overnight, but let’s get real that will not happen.

If you want to be rich and stay rich then you have to work for it. I wish I can say snap your fingers three times and your finances will improve.

So let’s start by creating a budget. Yes, a budget. No matter if you are poor or rich, everyone has budgeted.

The rich stay rich because they know how to budget, they are aware of their spending and income. This means that they are budgeting their money because they want to stay rich.

Did you know that about 65% of the USA household do not have a budget? That is a scary number, are we all just running around spending money we do not even have. I do not even want to talk about the number of households in debt. I can say this it is above 80%. We have to do something to fix this issue. We need to fix our financial situations.

When you create a budget make sure you include all your income and expenses, even something that was $0.50.

Here is a list I have put together to add to your budget, also anything else you spend money on that might not be on here.

  • House – rent, maintenance, yard work, utilities, renters insurance, property taxes, etc.
  • Car – Payment, insurance, gas, maintenance, car wash, registration fees, etc.
  • Cellphone
  • Internet
  • Television – cable, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Firestick, etc.
  • Entertainment – movies, dinner, concerts, drinks, sports, musical, kids events, etc.
  • Health – insurance, medicines, doctor visits, dentist visits, medical supplies, etc.
  • Taxes – especially business owners
  • Pets – food, treats, leashes, grooming, vet visits, shots, toys, etc.
  • Miscellaneous – childcare, school costs, wardrobe cost, beauty costs, business costs, zoo trips, etc.
  • Friends & Family – gifts, hosting parties, etc
  • Savings
  • Charities
  • *And anything else you paid for or gave money on your behalf

Learning to pay off debt

Learning to pay off debt will help with your financial stress. Getting rid of debt will help on your road to becoming rich. The less we owe others the more we can save for ourselves.

First thing first, where is your debt coming from? Make a list of the things leading you to debt. Now that you have a list start with a plan to pay it off. Each month give towards each debt or pay off one debt at a time. Try whichever way works for you, and does not cause more financial stress. I know for a fact when you have a plan about your debt it is less stressful. Learn the total about of your debt and find an attack plan for it.

It may seem like it will take you forever to pay off, but in truth, in a year or two, you can be debt-free.

Here is a list of ways to eliminate debt and help you become rich:

  • Learn where the debt is coming from – make a list of all your debt
  • Do not add additional debt to your life – do not add more loans or credit cards
  • Do not spend more than you bring in – do not spend more than what your paychecks are
  • Be realistic with your spending – Do not try to buy expensive items that you cannot afford
  • Make more money – try getting a side hustle job to make extra income
  • Get rid of high-interest items first – high-interest rates will drown you, get rid of them first
  • Pay more than the minimum  – pay double the minimum so you can pay it off twice as fast
  • All extra income should go toward debt – any extra money working overtime or selling stuff should go towards your debt
  • Ask loans if they can lower your total due if paid by a certain date – many credit card companies and other loan companies will work with you to lower your total due if you promise to pay it all off by a certain date
  • Negotiate all your debt, no matter what it is – never settle for what the bill says, always call and try to negotiate a lower amount, even hospital bills.

Investing will get you rich faster

Learning to invest early is the best way to go about getting more for your buck. The bigger the annual percentage the better you are off. When you invest you are putting yourself up for success.

I know that it sounds really scary just saying investing, but it really is not. when it comes to investing the best thing to do is just jump in and go at it.

There is no time like the present when it comes to investing. Time is money in this case.

The longer you invest, the more you will have.

You might want to start investing in these things:

  1. Retirement
  2. Learn to get rich
  3. Unexpected events in the future
  4. Children’s college funds
  5. Allow your money to grow
  6. Future vacations and traveling

The bigger the compound interest, the more you can save. That is why the sooner you start the more investment you can do.


That is easier said than done right. I have heard it over and over, people saying if only they had more hours in the day to get another job.

Did you know you can make extra money while staying at home, or while at your current day job?

The more you can make, the more you can invest. Remember when you invest you are getting more than you placed in. Did you know that if you invest $1000 annually for 40 years, with an 8% compound interest, you will have invested $301,000? That is very impressive if you ask me. That is why time is of the essence. Start investing today.

Making more money can change your life for the better.

  • Invest more
  • Take more vacations
  • Elevate financial stress
  • Reach retirement sooner
  • You can pay off your debt
  • Diversify your income source

Not all side jobs have to be a grueling 40 hours a week. They can sometimes only take up 10 hours a week. That is a small change compared to what you will be getting. Learn to make extra income while still having a day job.

Making extra income and saving money is not just for the less fortunate ones. The rich love to save money as well.

Did you know that many millionaires and billionaires drive cars cheaper than you probably? Some even ride bikes to work.

The average person makes over $100,000 a year yet they still coupons. It is very surprising that those who make less than $100,000 rarely use coupons.

I love coupons, I love the feeling of saving money. Plus everything I save at the store I put towards investing for the future.

Live for you, not others

I cannot even explain to you how many times I have seen people buying things they did not need, nor could they afford, just to impress other people.

This is a very sad thing, but unfortunately, it is the norm almost. I think people need to break out of this cycle and learn to live for themselves. There is no point in trying to impress other people.

Surround yourself with good positive people who will love you no matter what. They will not judge you by how much you make or what you wear.

The more you try to impress others the more unhappy you will be. Not only will you probably get a financial issue in life, but you will only be surrounded by people who do not care about you.

That is why people need to learn to take care of themselves first. Be happy and get away from financial stress and negativity.

Instead, you should focus on what you want and need. This will help you to save more money, be more realistic with your income and spending, and build wealth.

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How to Get Rich At Any Age
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