How to Pick the Right Side Hustle

April 4, 2022

Today, it seems like everywhere we look there are opportunities for a ‘side hustle’ – a way to supplement the monthly budget with an additional source of income. With so many choices and budgetary constraints to deal with, it can become overwhelming. Consider these tips to navigate the second-job market:

1. Identify Your Financial Needs

If you’re looking for a second job to earn extra income, make sure that it provides enough income to meet your needs. Likewise, if budget funds are strained, avoid tasks that require an upfront cash investment, such as sales of beauty products. If you have time to plan and save for the initial costs of starting up, you can always get into this type of work later.

2. Determine What You Want Out of The Side Hustle

What kind of skills do you want to expand, or are you just looking for some extra money? Do you plan on keeping this second job for long? Identifying the right type of job to look for will be easier if you answer these questions upfront. It might be better to find seasonal work if you’re just looking for some extra income but don’t want to work this long-term. Perhaps you should consider taking on a part-time job as a transcriber if you work in a tech-savvy field and want to keep practicing typing.

3. Find a Job That is Convenient for Your Schedule

Are you restricted in your schedule, or are you flexible? Approximately how many hours per week are you planning to work? Finding a job that has a structured schedule shouldn’t pose a problem if your schedule is flexible, for example, teaching online or working part-time at a retail store. Perhaps something with a little more flexibility, such as driving for DoorDash or Amazon Prime Now, would be helpful if you have serious schedule constraints.

4. Find a job you are passionate about

The more time we spend on things we dislike, the more stressed we become. Create a list of your strengths that are marketable, then activities that you enjoy. For instance, if you dislike traffic, you may not want to become a delivery driver. Perhaps there’s a cause you’re passionate about; you could see if groups dealing with this type of work are hiring for part-time administrative positions.

All things considered, finding an additional source of income can be a great way to alleviate stress and achieve financial goals. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t add to the stress without offering any benefits. If you follow these tips, you will find a rewarding and engaging source of supplemental income.

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