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Save Money by Lowering Your Bills

It is no secret that inflation is making everything more expensive. This does include things we cannot cut from our budget such as rent. We are here to show you that not every price is set in stone.

Are you willing to help me negotiate my bills?

Of course, I will. First, let’s talk about how to act when negotiating your terms. First and foremost be confident and polite. Don’t be afraid to ask for a better offer. But do it nicely because the people working as representatives have enough rude people all day that if you are nice they will more than likely help you. Do your research on the company and its competitors before you call. There is no point in getting a lower price, only to see a weaker internet connection. So before you take the first lowest price they offer do research. Knowledge is power.

Please give me more information on how to lower my bills.

You will be surprised at all the things you can negotiate for a better price. Here are a few of the big ones…


Don’t be shy to remind your landlord if you have been a responsible tenant. You would be surprised at how difficult it is to replace existing tenants. You may find that your landlord is more willing to remove some of your monthly rent than he is to get a new tenant. Maybe it will help if you sign a longer lease with them or pay a few months upfront. Sometimes they won’t budge on the price but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a better deal elsewhere. For example, try to get a smaller deposit fee, updated appliances, or free parking. Look at all the things the landlord charges for and see if you can get some of them lowered to save money.

Phone and cable

First, go online and look at your providers’ page and see what kind of deals they are running. As we mentioned previously, you will want to look at the competitors’ rates for the same services. Now that you are informed you will want to call customer service and ask about any discounts or cheaper packages. Maybe take off things on your current plan that you do not use or have too much excess data. If the rep can’t see to help you even when you suggest comparison-shopping, you may ask for the supervisor. Usually when the rep cannot help the supervisor will.

Medical bills

You should always choose providers who are in-network with your insurance for procedures or exams. The bill can still be negotiated if you already have it. Request an itemized bill from your doctor or the hospital and scan it for errors, such as duplicate charges or unnecessary services. Resolving errors should be done with the billing office. In the event that you cannot afford the correct charges, ask how you can reduce your responsibility. (Billing departments are used to patients asking for lower charges, so they’re often open to working with you.) A payment plan, which does not accrue interest, and financial aid options are also options.

Credit cards

Getting a lower interest rate from your card issuer can help you pay off your debt faster. Make them aware that you’re a loyal customer who regularly makes on-time payments and/or recently improved your credit score. Don’t close your credit card account once you have paid off the balance. As a result, your credit utilization ratio will rise and the average age of the accounts will decrease, which can hurt your credit score. It is possible to stop using the card, particularly if you have one with better terms.

How can I lower my bills more easily? 

For a fee, bill negotiation services like Trim can handle the tough parts for you (say goodbye to endless hold times). It could be worth your while to negotiate for a better deal with them. They won’t charge you otherwise. You can also reduce your bill if you turn on autopay and get a discount or avoid late fees. You may have to pay penalties if you do not have enough funds to make automatic payments. 

Asking for help can sometimes be the best way to save money on your bills. Particularly now that prices are rising – and expected to continue to rise for a while – it might be time to figure out how to negotiate. Research your options and gather evidence for your case. Be calm, collected, and polite. What you achieve may surprise you. 

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