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Because 2020 has started out on a rough note we have been taking our health a lot more seriously, we created this fantastic 42-page medical binder printables set for us ALL to use to improve our health and be more organized. We believe this is the year we take our health more seriously and stay on top of it.

This Medical Binder will help you not only get organized but take better care of your health as you PAY ATTENTION to the things that we sometimes forget to think about!

Pages include:

      • Cover
      • Spines (1″, 1 1/2″, 2″, 3″, & 4″)
      • Dividers
      • Vital Information
      • Visits to the Doctor
      • Medication Log
      • Medical Consultation Log
      • Doctor Visit
      • Medical Contacts
      • Blood Sugar Tracker
      • Symptoms Tracker
      • Blood Pressure Log
      • Thyroid Trends Tracker
      • Family History
      • Medical Release
      • Dental Log
      • Transformation: Before
      • Transformation: After
      • Body Measurements Chart
      • Personal Measurements Charts
      • Lab Tests & Results
      • Adult Shot Records
      • Kids Shot Records
      • Grocery List
      • Body Goals & Rewards
      • Recipe Card Printable
      • Water Tracker
      • Journal
      • Goals & Rewards
      • Growth Tracker
      • Child Notes


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