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The 28 Best Home Business Ideas for 2022

There is nothing better than working from home and ditching the daily commute. Be your own boss with your home business.

Does your entrepreneurial daydream have only one problem? There is no way you could ever begin a profitable home business if you don’t know what to start.

There’s no need to worry, we’re here to help.

Wanting to do things on your own isn’t unusual. Recent government data indicates that 81% of the US’s 31.7 million small businesses are operated by individuals without employees.

We’ve put together this list of home business ideas to help you decide whether to work from home part-time or quit your day job.

The 28 Best Home Business Ideas

The first step to starting your own business is choosing an activity you enjoy and finding a way to monetize it.

You can still run a successful home-based business on your own even if you don’t have an existing passion you are trying to profit from – or if you want to keep your hobbies and work separately.

You can get ideas from local social media groups such as TaskRabbit. While it may not be the most glamorous work, you can find everyday services there that are in demand.

There is a market for mundane chores since they are tasks that people are willing to pay someone else to do. For instance, groundskeeping or setting up bounce houses as part of a kids’ party planning business is a good business for mundane tasks.

The list below includes the best business ideas that have relatively low entry barriers and low startup costs while offering real income potential.

Have you ever wanted to work from home? It’s time to get started.

Business Opportunities You Can Perform Without Leaving Your House

You can make money online without ever having to leave the house if you run an online business. In addition to having your website where potential customers can find you, you can also look for work on Upwork and Fiverr that suits your specific skills.

1. Start a Blog

At the time we started our blog, we had no idea we could make money from it. Getting our first $100 from my blog was an awesome feeling! Our first $100 from the blog still stands out in my mind!

Our earnings have now risen much higher than that, and we still, enjoy it very much.

By blogging, we work from home, can decide what we want to do, and more.

You may not know that blogging is very affordable and easy to start, and we have a free guide that can teach you how to start a blog.

2. Freelance Writing

Become a freelance writer by utilizing your wordsmithing skills. 

To become a full-time freelance writer, you need to expand your writing repertoire to include several genres (editing skills will also increase your value). Check out these options:

  • Creative writing. Please consider submitting your poems and short stories to these seven literary magazines that pay for them.
  • Technical writing. There is nothing better than a well-written instruction manual. The median pay for technical writers in 2020 was $35.89 per hour, despite not having as many creative options.
  • Resume writing. Help others get jobs by writing a resume. As a freelance writer on Fiverr, you can earn $30 to $800 per assignment creating resumes and cover letters, as well as optimizing LinkedIn profiles for clients. 
  • SEO writing: Provide search engine optimization content to help websites appear high in Google searches.

3. Virtual Assistant

In most companies, administrative assistants report to a boss, but if you start your own business, you’ll be in charge.

As a virtual assistant, you can assist one or several businesses, just like in-person assistants. Be prepared to do data entry one day and proof articles on WordPress the next, as you will encounter a wide range of tasks.

4. Tax Preparer

Accounting professionals who want to work from home could also become tax preparers. Even though formal training is not required, it can be helpful. For starters, you will need an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number and an Electronic Filing Identification Number, as well as registration with your state.

Our favorite online tax services are TaxAct and H&R Block. They are easy to use and cheap. If you want to make good money being a tax preparer it pays off to use good services.

The tax season is a relatively short period, but you may be able to earn enough during that time to get you through the rest of the year.

5. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing should be included in your business plan if you already have an existing website or blog.

The basic concept: Affiliate links allow you to earn money by recommending products on your website. In return, you receive a commission if your readers click the link and purchase the product.

If you are looking to promote brands’ products and services, consult affiliate marketplaces. There are many online marketplaces, and one of them is Flex Offers. According to its website, you can earn commissions of up to 80%.

6. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great way to share your interests, skills, and life with the world. YouTube can be an income-generating home business. Even if you don’t make any money from your videos right now, you can make money later on.

YouTubers have told The Money Skim that they have made money through their YouTube channels within six months, even with no prior experience or equipment other than a laptop and a smartphone. Start a YouTube unboxing channel to start out.

Although some users generate millions of dollars from this home-based business idea, you can aim to make it a modest side gig with little risk.

7. Become a TikTok Influencer

It’s not just about trendy dances on TikTok. If you have a good following, it’s also a good way to earn money from home.

Creating quality content consistently, choosing a niche and following trends will likely bring success, but it won’t happen overnight. Your branded videos can earn you anywhere from $200 to $20,000, depending on how many people watch them. Offering products online or consulting services can also earn you cash.

8. Be a Voiceover Artist

Become a voiceover artist and earn money using your skills from drama class in high school. Vocalists provide voiceovers for video games, audiobooks, television commercials, radio shows, cartoon programs, and more.

This is a good home business for someone with a 9-to-5 job or a stay-at-home parent since it is a flexible job that can be done outside of traditional work hours. Become a seller on Fiverr and sell your voiceover skills.

9. Web Developer

You might become a web developer if you can balance aesthetics and user-friendliness.

Web designers tend to focus on the visual aspect, while web developers tend to focus on the coding. Neither BLS nor the Census Bureau distinguishes between the two, but they both state the median hourly wage is $37.12.

There is no reason why companies in your area can’t benefit from a simple landing page, even if they don’t have a big budget for complicated websites. Start small and expand your business by generating referrals and building your portfolio if you have web design and coding skills. Fiverr also gives you the option of being a web developer and setting your own rates.

10. Teach Online Classes/Courses

Use your knowledge of a topic or skill to create an online course to earn money from home.

Home businesses are some of the best ideas because you can capitalize on your existing skills without having to invest much money. Passive income can also be earned through online courses. As people sign up for your courses, you can earn money for months or years to come from recording your online classes.

11. Graphic Design

You can create a graphic design home business using your creativity and art degree.

If you want to create professional-looking logos or layouts, make sure you invest in the proper software and equipment. The BLS reports that in 2019, about 1 in 5 graphic designers were self-employed, so you’ll find colleagues to consult with.

You’ll need a portfolio to show prospective clients your past work as a way to determine if you’re a good fit. There are numerous places where you can upload your work for free, including Coroflot and Fiverr.

Create brochures and programs for your church or kids’ school if you’re just beginning your graphic design career. This will add to your portfolio.

Your rates can be set hourly or per project once you are established. It is possible to earn anywhere between $65 and $150 per hour. 

You can work from home … and more

Although you enjoy working from home, human interaction is sometimes missed. It’s no big deal – several home business ideas can be run from your couch and also allow you to get out of the house for a bit.

12. Cleaning

It’s not everyone’s dream job to clean other people’s places, but that is what makes it a profitable business.

Cleaning out decades of accumulated trash in basements, attics, and barns is something you can do if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

13. Professional Organizer

Start a home-based business as a professional organizer by channeling Marie Kondo or Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit.

House cleaners differ from this profession. It is about arranging people’s possessions in a way that discourages clutter. Working in this field requires keen attention to detail, good judgment and discretion when handling clients’ personal belongings, and, of course, stellar organizational skills.

You can make some sweet money with this business idea since you are doing work that many people avoid.

14. Personal Chef

People line up to buy your bake sale contributions, and people enjoy your dinner parties.

Become a personal chef or caterer and capitalize on your culinary skills.

A few referrals could help you grow your business even if you don’t have a culinary degree.

Don’t forget to place your business cards at serving stations if you offer to cook for the school fundraiser or church picnic.

Another way to attract customers to your website is to post mouth-watering photos of your dishes. Dinner parties with a private chef can cost up to $65 per plate.

15. Photography

Consider starting a business with your photography skills.

People who own photography businesses can make money selling their work to stock photo sites like Shutterstock in addition to taking photos of babies, parties, and weddings.

16. Real Estate Agent

You’ll spend a considerable amount of time away from home while working as a real estate agent. You’ll tour properties, meet with prospective clients, and hold open houses. While you compile comparable properties, pore over listings, research the market, and draft contracts from your home office, you’ll also spend time reviewing comparable properties.

Obtaining your real estate license requires completing coursework and passing an examination. In addition, you need to find a brokerage that you can work with.

The percentage of the sales you facilitate is what you earn as a real estate agent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median real estate agent income in 2020 was just over $51,000.

17. Babysitter

Love kids? How about having them run around your house?

Providing babysitting in your home is a good way to avoid the “nanny tax” if your home is prepared for children. You would be considered a domestic employee as long as you work in their household.

Check your state’s rules about how many children you can watch at one time and what age you must be to become a daycare before you begin. You may also be able to demand a higher rate if you have some basic training, like CPR and first aid.

Your income depends on many factors, including how many kids you have and where you live. Based on Care.com’s babysitting calculator, the cost per hour to watch a child in New York City is $17.25.

18. Handy Person

A good home business idea for someone handy around the house would be to become a handyman.

In this line of work, there is a lot of variety. You may spend one day patching a hole in someone’s drywall and another fixing a leaky pipe.

Because you can set your hours, you may be able to charge more for working weekends and nights when other companies are closed.

Home Business Ideas for Selling Stuff

Unlike cold-calling telephone sales jobs, these are not the dreaded phone sales – instead, you’ll promote your products and/or other people’s products through your own local business or online business.

19. Amazon Seller

Since you can purchase nearly anything on Amazon, shouldn’t you be able to sell nearly anything as well? You have three different options for creating and running an Amazon online store:

  • Private-label products: Products you sell on the web under your own brand name and packaging.
  • Retail arbitrage: Buying goods elsewhere and reselling them on Amazon at a higher price.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon: When you purchase products for resale, Amazon receives the items and stores them in its warehouse.

20. Print-On-Demand Business

Create a print-on-demand business with a line of graphic T-shirts if you have an eye for what’s trendy.

Graphic design skills are necessary to succeed in this home business idea. You can also hire a designer to do the work for you.

When you own a print-on-demand business, you’re freed from managing inventory, shipping, returns, and customer service. It is up to you to run your e-commerce site, while the third-party company handles everything else. Examples of such services include Merch by Amazon, Printify, and Spreadshirt.

Furthermore, you do not have to sell T-shirts if you are running a print-on-demand business. Your products could include tote bags, coffee mugs, or wall art, all customized with your artwork.

21. Start a Dropshipping Business

The dropshipping business makes use of a third-party company to fulfill orders and ship products to customers. When you buy products at wholesale prices from your supplier, you pocket a percentage of the sales.

Dropshipping businesses offer a wide variety of products to choose from. An online clothing store is one example of a dropshipping business. Another example might be a home decor store.

You could incorporate dropshipping into a larger home-based business.

22. Sewing

Sew your own business, it’s the way to go (yeah, we went there).

Making alterations for family and friends can begin the process of turning your threads into a profitable business. However, there are dozens of other ways to use your needle and thread.

23. Home Baker

Perhaps you can start a home-based business selling chocolate chip cookies or apple pie if your friends and family can’t stop raving about what you bake.

As a sweet source of income, you could cater birthday parties, weddings, and other events. Additionally, to fulfilling local orders, you can sell online if your treats are easily shipped.

24. Furniture Flipper

Some tips for successful online furniture flipping include:

  • Use neutral colors when painting furniture
  • Reduce the need for repairs
  • Consider adding drawer liners to dressers or adding interesting hardware instead.

How to Work Outdoors From Home

Home businesses don’t have to be limited to the comfort of your own home. Take some time to enjoy the outdoors with these home business ideas.

25. Pet Sitting

Would you rather have four-legged clients? While their owners are away, you can pet sit for cats and dogs.

A pet sitting business can branch off into other business ideas, such as dog walking. Establish a client base by connecting with fur babies and their parents through apps such as Rover. By adding your profile, you can let pet owners see your experience.

26. Seasonal Operator

Perhaps you’re more of a fair-weather business person.

During the summer, hauling beach gear on the beach is a popular seasonal business. In the winter, you can shovel snow.

In addition, Christmas lights make a great business venture during the holiday season.

Hanging those twinkling lights during the holiday season is when light installers make most of their money.

27. Landscaping

A landscaping business might be a good home business idea if you enjoy spending time outdoors and are skilled at maintaining your lawn.

While your business might be affected by the changing seasons depending on where you live, you can still expect repeat customers year after year if you operate this business.

It might be a smart idea to get your business noticed by local social media groups – like TaskRabbit or neighborhood groups on Facebook. You can also gain new customers by providing excellent results, and you can encourage existing customers to recommend you to others.

28. Car Detailing

Most people would prefer to pay someone else to clean their car inside and out. In addition, it can be started with zero experience, no education requirement, and low start-up costs.

As a mobile car detailer, you can meet busy clients where they are or you can have clients come to you to have their cars detailed.

Aside from being a viable home business idea for outdoor enthusiasts, this occupation is well suited for people who enjoy physical labor and are detail-oriented. Cleaning cars for a living is a very satisfying workout!

Steps to Take After You Choose a Home-Based Business Idea

This list of home business ideas can serve as an inspiration for a related idea that isn’t on this list.

Know that you need more than just an idea to start a business, so first check out our guide to creating a blog if you need help to get started.

The steps involved in starting your own business include researching the market, writing a business plan, raising funding, choosing a name, and possibly registering with the state.

Though the business world can be tough, doesn’t staying at home make it easier to weather the ups and downs?

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