Here's When You Can Start Filing Your 2021 Federal Tax Returns

When to Start Filing Your 2021 Federal Tax Returns

Don’t be Surprised if There Are Delays on Your Tax Returns

IRS tax season is always busy, but due to pandemic-induced backlogs from the past two years and limited funding, it will be even busier than usual. 

According to Treasury officials, the IRS normally has 1 million tax returns backlogged at the start of tax season, but this year the backlog is “many times greater.”

As the IRS administered a number of Covid-19 relief provisions passed by Congress, the IRS experienced delays. Those take place in processing returns and providing tax assistance. As part of those efforts, three rounds of Economic Impact Payments were made, a system of advancing Child Tax Credit payments was implemented. Also, the Earned Income Tax Credit was amended. 

“Despite the tireless efforts of our employees dealing with a large portfolio and new responsibilities, we are still processing tax returns filed in 2021. We cannot address the unprecedented number of phone calls. The IRS has a great deal of trouble providing the service and enforcement that our taxpayers and tax system deserve and need,” Rettig said.

One example: More than 2/3 of the calls the agency received last year were not answered. In order to get answers to their tax questions, taxpayers should first use’s online tools. Get them answered online before calling the agency directly.

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